Aligned Astrology was created to help people align with their highest selves by way of astrology. I've always said that astrology is a form of self care, and I'm here to help you learn how to use this powerful tool to help you change your life. 

During my journey of practicing astrology professionally, I have been able to help hundreds of people across the world step higher into their purpose and gain a better understanding of themselves. We often talk about healing, without acknowledging that the first step to healing is gaining self awareness. Aligned Astrology is here to help you do just that.

-- Aaya Samadhi 


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Real Women | Real Reviews

Rae Devaughn

Aaya was amazing She was patient and thorough with explaining and ensuring I understood everything. It's like everything I was feeling, she brought clarity to me by breaking down my chart. I recommend booking her for not only discovering your true purpose but for understanding why your mountains are made for you to climb.

Stephanie Be

I got my natal chart read by Aaya and let me tell you, this sister had me in awe and laughing at the accuracy and preciseness. I feel guided by the cosmos and have always followed my instincts. Hearing where they planets align, what they represent, and how they correspond to my life, has confirmed me walking in my divine life purpose.

Jade Venhaus

My session with Aaya was such a great experience. I absolutely loved the way she guided me through everything she explained. She made me feel very connected to my emotions, which is exactly what I wanted to focus on. I would recommend anyone to receive a reading from Aaya. I can't wait until my next session with her.
Keema Morsley
I did my very first in depth birth chart reading with Aaya. She is extremely detailed, honest and leaves you with so much clarity. All questions I've ever had regarding circumstances in my life and even overall who I am, were answered during my session. She helped me open a door deeper into my own being. I am more than appreciative of her work.
Nia TheLight
Aaya's reading was so therapeutic for me. You should definitely book a session with her!
Tea Miliani
My reading with Aaya was more helpful than my regular therapy appointment! She has such a soothing energy and is very relatable. She showed me a really good balance of good and bad aspects and even offered suggestions and advice! I am for sure going to purchase more readings from her in the future.
Join the Cosmollective
I am now extremely excited to introduce, The Cosmollective -- a private virtual collective for astrology and the healing arts. In the Cosmollective, we invite those that are interested in astrology, tarot, numerology, mysticism, crystals, self care, energetic healing, spirituality, and anything related to the healing arts to join. The Cosmollective is a judgement free zone where we encourage people to join from all walks of life. If healing and self awareness are priorities for you, the Cosmollective is where you need to be.